Dada Priyabodhanandji in Meinong
Meditation / SADHANA

The elaborate Yoga programs of Ananda Marga are dedicated to the cause of the revival of the 7000 years old original tradition of Yoga systemized by Lord Shiva at the higher peaks of the Himalayas. Thus, accordingly our motto is based on the ideals of guiding humanity on to the path of “Self Realization and Service to Humanity.” Self-Realization is achieved by meditating on the Supreme Consciousness called SADHANA.

Selfless Service to Humanity

Rendering Selfless Service to the needy purifies the mind of the spiritual aspirant.

These pave way for all round progress providing positive environs to our fellow human beings, animals, plants and the non-living creation.

We offer yoga as a comprehensive way of  (spiritual) lifestyle training to individuals and communities that include lessons in meditation, ásanas  (yoga postures) tailored to individual needs, vegetarianism, social service, and a holistic approach to life.

Ananda Marga is a charitable non-profit Spirituo-Social organization. The Center in Corona, Queens functions as the Headquarters for the activities of Ananda Marga in all of North and Central America, the Caribbean Islands and the Hawaiian Islands. More info on Ananda Marga can be found at www.ampsnys.org.

Ananda Marga was founded in 1955 in Jamalpur, India by Rev. Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti Ji and started in USA in 1969. Since that time, tens of thousands of spiritual seekers have profoundly benefited from Ananda Marga traditions and systems of meditation and yoga. Ananda Marga achieves its motto of personal spiritual realization, and service to all of creation by ensuring individuals stay physically fit, mentally calibrated and spiritually connected to Divinity.