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Yoga detox Retreat
December 8 – 10, 2017

Welcome to our Yoga Detox Retreat at Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Center, Flushing, New York!
This weekend retreat is an introduction to the basic concepts of healthy yogic lifestyle. During the retreat we have one day of juice fasting and two days of graduated fasting where the participants can safely experience the healing effect of yoga, meditation and fasting. During the retreat there will be classes, yoga and meditation, collective outdoor activities and workshops on how to prepare your own probiotics and wheatgrass.
Accommodation during the retreat is at our meditation centers in Flushing and the WWD center in Queens Village.
Please register soon as we have only limited space available!

Location: 149-02 Melbourne Avenue, Flushing, NY 11367
Price: $249.00 per person
Contact: Dada Diiptimanananda
Tel. +1 718 898 1603, mob. +1 929 257 8099
Email: sosny@anandamarga.us

– Weekly Dharma Cakra (collective meditation) on Sundays at 12 p.m.
– Monthly Akhan’d’a Kiirtana Chants on the first Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
– Individual instructions in meditation: Please contact us.