Past Events and Resources

Prabhata Samgiita Day, September 14, 2016 was celebrated at Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Center in New York with two hours of singing of Prabhata Samgiita, followed by Dharma Cakra and dinner. Prabháta Samgiita is a collection of 5018 songs that Shrii Shrii Anandamurti composed. He composed the first song “Bandhu He Niye Calo” on September 14, 1982 in Deoghar, India and then continued adding songs to the collection until the penultimate day of his life, more than eight years later. Prabháta means ‘dawn’, signifying the dawn of a new era of human history. The songs are devotional in nature and describe the feelings of the spiritual aspirants in their deepest meditation and their spiritual realizations, feelings of joy, bliss and pain of separation from the Lord.
During the event, as the Margiis, Dadas, and Didi continued singing the Prabhata Samgiita songs, gradually the devotional feelings increased. Singing those beautiful devotional songs helped us to enrich our meditation and bring the mind to a realm of mysticism and love for the Supreme, ever present in every aspects of our life.